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Digital Marketing is increasingly recosgnised as being one of the most valuable skillsets for young professionals.

  • 95% of our graduates agreed they felt more employable after completing our Digital Marketing Fundamentals course

  • Average 4.9 stars (out of 5) from 387 student reviews * 2018/19 workshops

  • 83% of our graduates secured a promotion or job within 3 months of completing our Digital Marketing Fundamentals course

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know the training is reputable?

    Our coaches are formally trained marketers who are experts in their own disciplines. Many are members and accredited by national and international training bodies. Our core product is digital marketing and media corporate training, this is not an additional add on from others within the industry.

  • Is the content current and updated?

    Through key relationships with media agencies, access to specialist tools, attending conferences and working with clients, all content is regularly updated with the latest tactics and practical examples on driving digital success

  • Are there discounts available for University students?

    Yes, we are proudly partnered with over 40 Universities globally, offering exclusive discounts on our courses to students. Please get in touch for details.

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